The Moonglow Scholarships
These scholarships are not for students.

They are for heroes.

It's really simple. Being a parent is HARD.

Being a single parent? It is SUPERHUMAN. My mom did it, and to this day I don't know where she found the strength, the inspiration, or the gas money. I really don't. 

It was rare that someone cut my mom a break just because she had to do it on her own. Just because. Not because I showed promise, not because she was pretty, not because she cried in line at the bank, but just because she had to work really hard at life. 

Somehow, when I was 16, she put a tiny down payment on a two-bedroom house at 781 Moonglow Avenue with an orange formica kitchen countertop, and we became first-time homeowners together. Around that time, without me knowing it, she secretly socked money into a fund that would help me pay the hefty student loans she knew were coming. (Both my parents were academics and it was pretty clear I was going to spend all my potato-chip money on books too.) I never knew the fund existed until a benefits officer handed me a letter ten days after she died. Sometimes mom missed the house payment, but she made the commitment to that annuity anyway, and I received the message that learning was more important than anything else.

These scholarships are not because of the students. They are because of the parents. It's because I know you want to give your kid everything the other kids have, and more, and you want them to have the best chance at their future, too. 

Single parents receive significant scholarships to register their students in premium workshops like the College Bound Boot Camp and the Essay Writer's Retreat. It's automatic, no hoops to jump through (for once!). Just let me know. If I know you are a single parent, I will offer it to you so you don't have to ask.

At this time I cannot accept applications for full scholarships, but I will offer them when I can. Don't expect a lot of fanfare. This isn't about making a fuss. It's about getting your son or daughter where they need to go. 

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