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Mark P.

Reno, NV

You helped my daughter find a college to transfer to where she could be happy and finish her education. We were so worried about her when she was miserable at the big state school where she was, and now thanks to you she's found a major she loves and is going to graduate on time. I don't know how you did it, but you did. Thank you so much for all you have done.

Katy M.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Erika is a superhero!

Genoa, NV

Clare F.

Erika's eye for precision editing, creativity, and deep thinking improved my body of work and my own ability to critically analyze writing of all types. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with her should leap at the chance.

From start to finish, Erika helped me devise an effective gameplan.  We began by revamping what I thought was initially a stellar resume and hit on key points for cover letter writing.  Then, we explored job search strategies and investigated networking events.  As I ended up connecting with recruiters, scheduling interviews, and writing thank you letters, Erika continued to support me through my job search process all the way through final offer acceptance.  


I must say that Erika's greatest skill is her ability to coach.  As I went through my job search, there were quite a few times where I ended up scoring touchdowns when I was merely shooting for first downs. For example, I attended a career fair initially only expecting to collect a few business cards. Instead, I ended up making meaningful connections with recruiters and ultimately landed multiple follow up interviews at Fortune 500 companies.  


Without a doubt, I would not be enjoying my current success without Erika's help.  Whether you request her help for career counseling or simply reviewing your resume, you will not be disappointed.

Ben S.

Richmond, VA

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