Make your own luck. Hire a coach.



Writer, Coach, and Guide

As an academic coach, I  am passionate about making education work for the student, and about leading people towards situations where they can grow and flourish. I have more than ten years of teaching and administrative experience in higher education and have designed four separate career and college readiness programs for three different institutions. My experience has shown me what a difference it makes to have good mentors during important transitions.

As a college administrator, I designed and ran an innovative, nationally-recognized academic mentoring program at Sierra Nevada College that supports and motivates at-risk college students into entrepreneurs, leaders, and world explorers through mentored learning and the cultivation of curiosity. I am also a graduate of the Fundamentals of College Counseling program at Rice University.


As a faculty member, I taught Art History to non-majors and created an active learning curriculum that attracted business and science students to hands-on courses in Art Literacy and Museum Appreciation. Before that, I mentored varsity athletes to reach their academic and personal potential at the University of Texas, Austin. I have designed college- and job-readiness courses for for Sierra Nevada College, The State of Nevada, the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow, and the Saylor Institute. 


As an experienced professional writer and editor, I help my clients create stories that inspire and inform their students, faculty, admissions committees, business teams, and customers. I have a bachelor's degree from Tulane University and a master's degree in Ancient Art History from the University of Texas, Austin. I completed an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction in 2017, and I write for several independent publications in the Reno/Tahoe area. 


My clients come to me for help with college applications, and I help them turn the process into an opportunity for self-discovery and growth, while they clearly articulate their accomplishments and goals in compelling essays and personal statements.


I serve high school students and their families by helping them set goals and get into the college of their dreams.

My students improve their grades, set and achieve academic goals, and become more interested in a college-bound future. Choose how much assistance you need, from simple tutoring (humanities only) to a customized college-bound coaching experience that includes aptitude assessments, testing diagnostics, college planning, and complete college application guidance. My clients and their families often ask me to address other essential academic skills, such as: motivation, problem solving, prioritization, time management, and personal leadership.

For example, if you want to improve your writing, you could ask for a simple proofreading service; or you may choose to take a broader look with me at how you approach an essay and plan the work ahead.


A full coaching portfolio might include a time management plan for the semester, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions that include accountability checks, a work plan for the week, reviews of all major assignments before submission, and informal discussions about work/study patterns and attitudes. Regularly scheduled supervised study and assisted teacher conferences are also options.

I encourage you to make your own luck. Hire a coach.

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