College Applications

Essay Proofreading

Is your essay ready to go? Let me have a good look at it before you hit send. This is for writing that only needs spelling, grammar, and basic formatting checks. If it seems that you need more than this, I will contact you for a consultation.

Application Strategy

If you are just getting started on a particular application or you are feeling stuck, let's come up with a strategy to present your story the best way possible. This is for writing in its early and middle stages, and is a great package for a scholarship application strategy, or if you just want help with the strategy for your dream school.

Process Assistance

Let's get your application process organized together. Applying to colleges, scholarships, and financial aid is a complex process with dozens of different deadlines, forms, essays and other requirements. Don't get overwhelmed; let me help.

Click here to see my summer application completion workshops, or contact me and we will put together a package that works for your needs.

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Academic Coaching

Writing & Humanities Tutoring

I tutor middle school, high school, and college students in humanities subjects such as writing, literature, history, civilization, and art history (my research expertise). If you're not sure, contact me and let's talk about what you need. In-person, phone, or Skype.

Academic Coaching

A one-on-one coaching session includes an accountability check, a work plan for the week, review of major assignments due, and a discussion of tutoring and other scheduling needs. If this is what you need, I will put together a semester package at a significant discount so we can commit to making real progress.

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Writing & Editing

Document Copyediting and Proofreading

Is your manuscript or document ready to go? I will ensure that when you hit send, you make an error-free impression. Quick-turnaround copyediting and proofreading is one of my specialties. This is for writing that only needs spelling, grammar, and basic formatting checks. If it seems that you need more than this, I will contact you for a consultation.

Developmental Editing

Great for Application Essays, Cover Letters, Statements of Purpose, Manuscripts, Business Plans, Annual Reports, and other important writing projects. Let me help you refine your ideas and present them with more clarity and elegance. This is for writing in its early and middle stages.

Project Management

Let's get your project organized together. Whether you are applying to colleges, working towards a personal writing goal, or designing a new project, I can help.

Manuscript Critique

We'll talk specifically about your needs, but here's how it generally works:
• We'll have a short conversation (15-20 min) about your project;
• You'll submit a written description of your revision goals along with your manuscript in its current draft form;
• I'll return your manuscript with margin notes and an editorial letter describing the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and specific revision suggestions;
• We’ll have another meeting (1 hour) to discuss a strategy for your manuscript.
• Turnaround times vary by project; pricing usually consists of a flat base price plus a per-word fee.

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Job Search

Resume Proofing

Is your resume ready to go? Let me review it to make sure it is error-free before you send it to your future employers.

Resume Review & Development

Let me help your experience, talents, and skills shine through. I have years of experience bringing the most important information to the surface so your future employer will see what they are looking for in your resume.

Cover Letter Concept

We'll have a look at the job description, the company website, and your resume together and craft a letter that shows them exactly how you are are a perfect match for their needs.

Job Search Assistance

Let's talk about your best strategies for an effective job search. Are you looking in the right places? Do you need to polish your networking skills, or some interview coaching? I can help you put your very best foot forward as you look for your next opportunity.

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